About Us

Founded in 2013 as a boutique security consultancy, Chimera Cyber Security specialises in running Cyber Simulations and Exercises to test your Cyber Incident Response plans.

Our story

Chimera Cyber Security was formed in 2013 by Stefan Sokolowski.

Stefan has been involved in IT since leaving University with a degree in Computer Science in 1989. After a few years, programming, designing and providing support, Stefan had the opportunity to join a project for the Royal Air Force in 1994, to provide a logistic support system for the Eurofighter. This was a B1 secure system running on Trusted Solaris, and this is where Stefan’s experience with IT Security begins.

A CISSP since 2002, Stefan has had many security roles culminating in him leaving BT in 2013 as a General Manager, responsible for all contract security risk for BT Global clients.

Stefan has been exercising senior management since 2008, when he co-authored a joint pandemic exercise that was held successfully by BT and Thomson Reuters.

Whilst at BT, Stefan was one of a small team of Major Incident Managers, a group of on-call professionals that would be first responders to any company impacting event as required.

Stefan has been writing cyber simulations for over 10 years, an area that has been constantly evolving as criminals seek new ways to extract money from victims across the Internet.

We believe that Cyber Simulations are the most reliable and cost effective way to test cyber incident plans and ensure that not only are companies ready for the challenge of a cyber incident, but they can also evidence that readiness and compliance to clients, regulators and their third parties.

Stefan has also managed the ISO 27001 certification process for over 30 different certificates across various  clients, industries and geographies.

Stefan was also the GDPR Programme Director for a Big 4 consultancy for the UK and Switzerland.

In the last 5 years,  we have worked in the UK, Belgium, Switzerland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Iceland.