After giving CMMC v0.4 a bit of a butchering in September of last year, I thought it only fair to revisit the

In December 2019, ENISA released an online platform to help Data Controllers and processors with the security controls applicable to personal data

Travelex vs the ICO

On the 8th January, the ICO in the UK confirmed that it had not received notification of a data breach at Travelex.

The Travelex breach is still ongoing, having started on the 31st December 2019. Travelex has confirmed that it has not informed the

The maximum fine was dished out this week by the ICO in the UK, to DSG Retail Ltd (aka Dixons Carphone), for

In June 2018, the EU issued updated guidance on certification and identifying certification criteria for Articles 42 and 43 of the GDPR.

The FBI has updated its advice to companies to be more understanding when companies decide to pay their attackers for the key.

Historically, Third Party Assurance meant evaluating the financial resilience of an organisation to determine whether they were viable enough to deliver what

This initial investigation was triggered by guidance that was released by the ICO in the UK, that insists that processors must allow