Cyber Simulations get results

Cyber Simulations allow you to evidence your security compliance to a number of internal and external stakeholders.

your board

Testing your Cyber Incident Plan through Cyber Simulations gives your Board first-hand knowledge of your state of preparedness. This creates understanding at the Board level of the issues and consequences of a cyber breach, facilitating a better understanding of Cyber Risk.

Directly answer the “Could that happen to us?” question from the Board, with deeds not words. Replay the breaches of industry peers to see how you would compare in a similar scenario. Bring Cyber Breaches to life for your senior management.

your regulator

Regulators are looking for organisations to achieve Cyber Resilience and a key part of that is testing your Cyber Incident Plans. By pro-actively testing your Cyber Resilience with Cyber Simulations, you can show your regulators and clients that you are serious about Cyber Resilience. 

The UK Government recently released a report on the state of UK Cyber Resilience, the FCA’s recent survey is looking to improve cyber Resilience across the Financial Services Industry, and the ICO is constantly looking for improvements in Cyber Resilience as part of security controls for the GDPR.

your clients

Good Cyber Resilience is good for business. Organisations will increasingly look to have Security and Cyber Resilience as key considerations for choosing a partner or third-party supplier.

The GDPR makes the risk of using a third-party supplier with poor security controls so high, that the procurement of third-party suppliers will be heavily focussed on security capability going forward. Provide the assurance that your clients are looking for, by running Cyber Simulations to evidence your Cyber Resilience.