Privacy Update 13th September 2019

In this week’s news:

  •  IBM-Ponemon “Cost of a Data Breach”  report.
    • Currently, the average length of a data breach lifecycle is 279 days, or slightly more than 9 months. This figure has increased 4.9% from the figure of 266 days in 2018.
    • The report outlines the various “cost amplifiers” of a data breach before examining some of the “cost mitigators”.
  • Today sees the last day that amendments to the California Consumer Privacy Act can be voted on before the legislative session closes. The Governor of California then has until October 13th to sign these into law for an effective date of 1st January 2020.

  • Morocco’s data protection agency mandates a 7 month moratorium on facial recognition. (in French)

  • Data State Inspectorate of Latvia imposes a financial penalty of 7000 euros against online retailer, citing non-cooperation with the DPA and non-compliance with erasure rights.

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