Privacy Update 20th September 2019

In the news this week:

3rd annual Privacy Shield review completed – joint statement released, EC report to follow. Access Now requests it be struck down.

US Big Tech’s Disingenuous Push for a Federal Privacy Law.

Over 13.7M US medical test records found unsecured on servers.

IAPP has produced a CCPA amendment tracker.

Poland’s DPA has fined the shopping site around €650,000 (PLN 2,8 million)for a data breach it claims affected more than 2 million people.

The Belgium DPA announced it has imposed a fine (€10,000) (French) for a disproportionate use of an ID card for the creation of a loyalty card against the principle of data minimization and the use of consent.

Berlin’s DPA imposes € 195,407 (German) fine to Delivery Hero Germany GmbH –for disregarding data subjects rights to information, objection and erasure.

South African court strikes down surveillance laws.

EU Presidency issues amended proposal on EU e-Privacy Regulation.

Dutch DPA says waiting list for BCR approvals is currently 3-5 years. (Dutch)

No deal Brexit guidance provided by the CNIL (French) and Irish DPA.

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