UK ICO fines coming like London Buses

After waiting for a year for the UK ICO to start dishing out the GDPR fines, we get two in two days!

Marriott International quickly follow British Airways into the dock, with an announcement from the ICO that they intend to fine Marriott International £99m.

The fine is on behalf of all European Regulators. The UK ICO is taking on the role of lead supervisory authority in this matter. This concept is part of the GDPR. It allows for one country in Europe to lead on behalf of all the others, so that we avoid 28 different fines from across the EU.

Based on global revenues of just a tad over $20B, the fine represents about 15% of the maximum fine that could have been applied to Marriott.

This story is still developing and I will provide an update when the ICO make any further statements.

Clearly the ICO are looking to clear some desks in time for their Summer Holidays….