Values & the Cyber Attack

How do company values inspire your response?

It went pear-shaped. Not sure exactly what happened, but a nasty message on screen, some speculation, and the decision to shut down. It may have had the urgency of “all the garbage mashers on the Detention Level”.

Garmin India took the holding line of “maintenance”. It’s okay, this is normal, soon be back to normal swan approach with frantic paddling underneath.

Dear Garmin Users, Our servers are currently down for maintenance & it may limit the performances of Garmin Connect Mobile & Website, and Garmin Express. We are trying our best to resolve it asap. We seek your kind understanding & apologise for any inconvenience.
Garmin India July 23 2020

The water got choppier.

Following further statements about “outage” social media ducked down to see the paddling feet. Evidence of ransomware and that the company computer systems had been hacked emerged. From the watches on the wrist, planes in the airfield, and a call centre that couldn’t receive calls there was a visible silence.

At this point, what to do and what to say?

Is this the point where the company mission, vision and values mock or inspire the Board?

Garmin’s mission is to be an “enduring company” and its products are “an essential part of our customer’s lives”

Their vision is being a global leader.

Their values include “the foundation of our culture is honesty, integrity and respect” with “outstanding performance” and “accomplishing what we say we will do”.

The statement of 27 July 2020, explained what had happened. It does not say how they resolved the situation or whether the reported ransom was paid. The release states “Garmin Limited was the victim of a cyber attack”, “we immediately began to assess” and “we sincerely regret any inconvenience caused”.

This does suggest enduring. They have resolved the problem and are getting back on their feet. There is recognition of serving the customers.

However, I feel the statement does not embody their values as much as it could.

Beginning with honesty, integrity and respect, these were under pressure in the heat of the moment, perhaps as the company’s survival was at stake.  As customers, we can understand this pressure. Events can knock us off course as individuals. It is how we pick ourselves up that defines us. For Garmin, the idea of endurance implies you know you will be in for a rough ride, but like the customers who use your products, you are prepared to endure. To weather this. To last and remain.

You recognise that your products are an essential part of their lives. Show you respect this. “Sincerely regret any inconvenience caused” sounds like a train delay announcement on a rainy platform in Dorking. Be sincere in the language used.

Inspiration for using these values to communicate and inspire is already on the Garmin blog page.

In an interview on the restarting of the pro cycling season after coronavirus, the Trek Segafredo Head of Performance spoke of the mental challenges and the new challenges that lie in wait.

“The team realized the mental side comes first”

“We saw ourselves in a completely new situation…..from time to time life gives you examples of how to take care of the little things again”

“Larrazabal emphasizes that the right gear also helps them for a strong comeback.”

“The message from the team during the lockdown was from the beginning strong and solid. This can make the difference in the second part of the season, for both the riders and from the staff. We have something to give back to Trek and we cannot forget that.”

The riders are not victims. They have challenges which are tough. They recognise loyalty. For Garmin it can give back to its staff and customers, and recognise they are stronger together and take them with them on this journey.

This is an opportunity to serve, accomplish what you say you will do, respect and take inspiration from your customers. In return help and inspire them for their challenges ahead.

Being a global leader.

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